We’ve got your basics covered …


We would completely LOVE to never have a patient with a cavity! But you know what — it happens to most of our kids (even mine!). So, despite best efforts, it happens! This is what we do to make it better:


Tooth colored or amalgam, we’ve got you! We create our treatment plans to suit your child’s needs.

Stainless Steel Crowns

Sometimes your child requires a stainless steel (Ironman tooth or a princess) crown. Yeah, I know they’re not pretty, but your child will be pretty happy not to have that tooth filled or extracted in the near future. This treatment, when suggested, is the gold standard for baby teeth.

Sick tooth

Your child has a sick tooth? We’ll fix it! Sometimes those teeth need fillings, or pulp (nerve) therapy; sometimes the tooth is better suited under your child’s pillow for the tooth fairy. We will do a thorough exam to figure out which treatment is best for your child.


Sealants are a tooth-colored resin that seals the grooves of your permanent molars. They’re extremely effective in preventing cavities on the chewing surface. Insurances tend to cover them at 100%.


You child’s teeth are over crowded? If your orthodontist requests extractions, we are here to help! Sometimes we can identify future issues and with extraction of baby teeth, we can limit the potential for future issues.

Lost a tooth too soon?

Oops, something happened and your child lost a tooth too soon. Whether from cavities, trauma or eager eruption of their first permanent molar, sometimes kids lose teeth too soon. In many cases, your child’s mouth needs some help keeping their other teeth where they need to be — we offer a plethora of space maintenance options.


We stay up to date on the best ways to minimize your child’s exposure to x-rays. But, and it’s a BIG but, your children WILL periodically need x-rays. If you don’t allow us to get x-rays we are only able to provide mediocre treatment based on what our eyes see. X-ray can detect early problems where the eye can only detect later problems. We are legally required to obtain x-rays to identify and rule out problems. Please trust our judgment in these situations.

Your kid hates the dentist …

Shoot! Shucks! UGH

We try our hardest to make your child comfortable in our office. We tailor exams and treatment to suit their personalities. Most of the time, we are able to reassure them and build their confidence. Sometimes they need a little more help than kind words and praise.

Your child hates the dentist and needs treatment — here are our options:

  • Nitrous helps anxious kids calm down. Doesn’t help the combatitive.
  • Sometimes we’ll recommend antihistamine prior to treatment.
  • Our assistants can make grumpy kids happy, anxious kids relaxed, and fearful ones safe. They’re our magic pixie dust.
  • And if that doesn’t work, we offer sedation and general anesthesia.