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  • As the world has evolved, so have we. If your child is new to the office, we welcome you to accompany them.
  • Most of our patients begin coming into operatory without guardian by age 3-4. You’ll be so proud to see how well your little one acted on their own.
  • We kindly ask for your patience when scheduling an appointment so that the parent/child can have more privacy.
  • Not a hard-and-fast rule.
  • We humbly ask for your trust in sending your child into the office alone. Your trust in us is felt by your children and it empowers them to accomplish big things in our office.

NOPE. Feel free to give us a call to schedule your child.

We love referrals from other dentists. It means these kids need a little bit of TLC and we’re here to provide that. All dentists see things differently and you’re bringing your child to a specialist. Please gear them up that this is fun and awesome because it will be! We’ll evaluate your child’s needs and create a customized plan for your child and your family. There’s a 99% chance treatment won’t be performed on our first date together.

#1 Paperwork

  • Bring your insurance cards and know the needed SSN.
  • And don’t forget, if you have foster/custody/adoption papers, we need them! We love for any trusted adult to bring a child for appointments if you have consented in writing.
  • Print it out early! Saves you time at the office — especially if you send it in prior to appointment.

#2 The fun stuff

We get to see the teeth! If you’d like to accompany your young child, that’s great! I think your older children would happily report back to you after the appointment that I nagged them about flossing, as any good dentist would.

We’ll examine your child’s teeth, clean them if needed, and take any prescribed x-rays if your child’s cooperation allows. We strongly recommend finishing the appointment with a fluoride varnish that helps maintain their healthy smile.

And of course, last but not least, prizes!! Everyone is rewarded with a prize after being brave at the dentist.

Any fluoride toothpaste is great. If you’re looking for a good children’s toothpaste, Toms of Maine Silly Strawberry is a good bet. Please ONLY use a dab (like a grain of rice) if your child doesn’t spit consistently. No more than the size of a pea ever for all kids.

It’s my duty to tell you that juices are bad for our children’s teeth. The sugar and acids in juice cause cavities faster than you can imagine. We think we are doing ok because it’s “100% juice” or “no sugar added” but many juices have as much sugar as sodas. Please limit or eliminate juices and sugary drinks from your child’s diet.

It happens. If you’re a patient of record, call 606-329-1440.

  • Was your child knocked out? Please head to the Emergency Room!
  • Was a permanent tooth knocked out? Put it back in! Hold the tooth by the crown and put the root back into the socket. Even if you get the tooth in wrong, its better to be in than out. Call me ASAP.
  • Even if it’s just a piece of tooth, save it! We can often reattach the broken piece.
  • Don’t put back in a baby tooth that has been knocked out.

At our office, we see numerous patients with compromised immunity. For their safety, we require all healthy children to be up to date on their childhood immunizations. We are happy to refer you to several of our friends who do treat patients who have not been immunized.