Calling in the Big Dog …

Sometimes children cannot tolerate treatment in the office setting. We get it — dentistry is tough. While we will do anything possible to avoid your child needing sedation/anesthesia, sometimes it’s necessary. We are happy to speak with you about all options available. We offer a full range of anesthesia solutions for these situations.

We think of ourselves as dental Super Heroes, but when it comes to sedation for your child’s dental treatment, we bring in the big dog – Meet Dr. Ashley Hall (aka the Big Dog).

All about Dr. Hall

  • Russell High School class of 2000.
  • Georgetown College 2004.
  • University of Louisville School of Medicine 2008.
  • University of Louisville Residency in Anesthesiology 2012.
  • She is married to Bryan Hall and has daughters Avery (’11) and Taylor (’13).

Dr. Hall’s service at our office is a dream come true. We have access to hospital-quality sedation and anesthesia services for your child with an in-house doctor. She is loving, compassionate and extremely skilled. She will speak to each family before the procedure and answer any questions and relieve any of your concerns. I am so proud to get to work with her to give the BEST care for your child.